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“World economic crisis was at the peak in the year 2008.The days were real tests for us as a new born company. With over ten thousand successful international moves, we are about to reach yet another mile stone. Nearing 10 glorious years in business!! . A million thanks to our customers for making us stronger and stronger- CEO”
Founded in 2008 Blue Peter has grown to be one of the best local and long distance moving companies in India. With the whole hearted support of our loyal customers and counterparts Blue Peter now has presence in the UAE and US as well.
Blue Peter is managed by professionals with vast experience in the field of Shipping and Logistics. We have so far handled thousands of long distance moves across the world.
International relocation of household goods is our core business. We are specialized in Car shipping and pet relocation services. Well connected with trusted moving companies around the world we can cater all your relocation needs to and from any world destinations.
When shipping cost becomes constrain compared to the actual cost of your goods Blue Peter can be your best option to make the move happen.
Our move consultants are ready to answer all your moving related queries. This will help you well prepared for your upcoming move. Movers from Blue Peter Lines are professionally trained in moving and handling of Pianos, Water beds, Safes and other heavy household items. Our movers are well trained in personal hygiene and etiquettes. 
Safety is our top priority during all operations. Your valuable cargo is protected with insurance. We listen to your needs and will tailor our servicing to meet your requirements. Our customers are our family, which is why so many people choose to use Blue Peter for their moving services needs.


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Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing service

Packing is one of the key factors in a move with zero damage. More than just above anything else, packing well is essential for an overall successful move. The type and kind of packing vary from household by sea and air to vehicles by air, sea land and that for machinery by different mode of conveyance.

Packing for International moves by Sea:

Household items are moved by sea in two ways. As a full container load (FCL) and on Less than Container Load (LCL) basis. Since LCL shipments often get handled multiple times packaging needs to be good enough to avoid damages.

Household shipments moved as FCLs are handled two or three times only during transit. Our certified packers are well trained to decide the appropriate packaging required depending on the type and mode of conveyance.


Disassembly of furniture reduces size and risk of damage. At Right Way we use bubble sheets, foam sheets and corrugated sheets to wrap the furniture. Every piece of furniture is wrapped with three different layers of packing materials. On top of the three layer export quality packing , we use polythene wrapping to protect furniture from moisture and drizzle.


We will help make sure your breakable does not turn into broken. China and crystals items are individually wrapped using packing papers and bubble sheets. Plates are packed standing on end while stem ware is carefully placed in protective corrugated cylinders.


If you are moving with Blue Peter you can leave the clothes in the dresser. There is no need to pack them. We use standard cartons and wardrobe cartons to pack clothing and bedding. The specialty of using wardrobe boxes are unwrinkled clothes, less time to pack and unpack and greater protection for fine garments and longer lengths like suits and evening dresses.


Electronics travel best in their original packaging. However if you do not have the original boxes any more, we can easily substitute our own high quality packing materials and pack them better than original boxes to ensure they are safe, sound and secure.

Antiques & fragile:

Your priceless antiques, artwork or fragile heirlooms receive only the highest level of care. Our custom wooden crates provide extremely secure and protective packing for your most valuable and fragile items, while reinforced telescoping cartons offer maximum protection for mirrors and precious glass-front artwork. Being careful and protective are our specialties.

Wooden Crate:

We have standard and custom size wooden boxes available to ship your valuable goods internationally. Items that are fragile, like glass and marble might not sustain the handling of long distance move. Pianos will not be shipped without crating. We also provide heat treatment certificate required at certain destinations. Custom made and ISPM certified wooden crates can cost you a little extra.


Unpacking service

Just like we pack quickly and efficiently, our experts will also handle the tedious job of safely unpacking your furniture and other goods as well. For unpacking, we typically move the boxes into the appropriate rooms, and do a methodical unboxing per room.

Inventory List:

Each moving box is checked against the copy of inventory list prepared y our crew.

Essentials Box:

This is the survival kit which you are going to unpack first of all. This box contains all the absolute essential things you will need for a night or two. Medication, Kitchenware, towels, bed sheets,Pillows,Toile papers, hand and baby soap etc.

Furniture Placement:

The larger furniture that you have should be unpacked and arranged first, followed by your smaller items. It’s very important that you create a floor plan first, either in your head or on a piece of paper (whichever is easier for you) and place the heavy furniture pieces according to its layout.


Unpacking and setting up the bedroom should be your top priority because no matter what your unpacking strategy is, you need to get a decent sleep in the next 24 hours!


If you cook all your meals, then unpacking and setting up the kitchen is clearly the very first thing you should do when moving into your new home.


The next room that you should unpack with a sense of urgency is the bathroom. After all, who wouldn’t want to take a much-needed shower after a long day of unpacking and arranging boxes?

You Pack/Unpack all

You can pack up your home. We can provide extra reinforcement if required. You can order packing materials from you. For unpacking we place every package in the right room. We place the furniture where ever you want. You take your time unpacking and settling in.

We Pack/Unpack some

We customize a packing plan based on your needs. We pack as much or as little as you like. Reinforcement can be done if necessary. While unpacking, we place every box in the designated rooms. We place the furniture where ever you want. We unpack what you have requested for and remove the empty boxes.

We Pack/Unpack all

We bring materials and pack everything. You don’t have to lift a finger. We do quality packaging required for your move. During unpacking, we place your furniture where ever you want. We unpack each box and place items for you to put away. We remove debris on the same day.