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Message from the CEO:
“World economic crisis was at the peak in the year 2008.The days were real tests for us as a new born company. With over ten thousand successful international moves, we are about to reach yet another mile stone. Nearing 10 glorious years in business!! . A million thanks to our customers for making us stronger and stronger- CEO”
Founded in 2008 Blue Peter has grown to be one of the best local and long distance moving companies in India. With the whole hearted support of our loyal customers and counterparts Blue Peter now has presence in the UAE and US as well.
Blue Peter is managed by professionals with vast experience in the field of Shipping and Logistics. We have so far handled thousands of long distance moves across the world.



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Storage Services

Personal/Moving storage:

As a reputed moving and storage company, Blue Peter moving service provides a highly meticulous storage service and ensures safety of your household until final delivery. Our storage service at Blue Peter moving, offers convenient private short term storage as well as long term storage.

Our storage service includes a Climate-controlled storage to maintain your movables in their current situation. Our short term storage and long term storage are well secured. It provides the ideal solution for storing personal or business-related items as it protects the stored items from severe hot or cold weather that can easily damage it.

Short term storage:

You can use us to store things for a few weeks whilst you are trying to find a more permanent space in your new place or longer if you need to clear space in your garage or loft.

Short-term storage has more flexible payment plans. You can pay by the month and change to a different size unit as you remove or add things to storage. Insurance levels can be adjusted monthly as well. You will also have easy access to your stored items. Storage services are open at convenient hours, and you will have a key to your unit.

Long Term storage:

Long-term storage is good for people who are making an international move and will need to store furniture or other items for a long time. It would be good for people who have moved to a smaller home and need to put excess furniture in storage. It is also good for storing sentimental items you can’t fit into your current living space.

Long-term storage requires expert packing and placing of items so they will be protected. Your items will be monitored to ensure they are well taken care of. Long-term storage comes with a lease contract. This can be cheaper than paying the monthly fees of short-term storage.

Packing and Placement for storage:

When packing for short and long-term storage, remember to place things at the front of the unit that you are more likely to need access to. Keep your inventory ready to make sure you don’t have to dig though each one to find the item you are looking for. For short-term storage especially, it’s a good idea to leave a path down the center of the unit, so you can easily reach anything you need.

Loading/Unloading Service:

Loading and unloading service is extremely important as there are likely chances of damage, scratch, breaking of goods during the process. Our professional crew is well trained and experienced in handling all kinds of personal and household items.

Pick up/ Delivery Service:

Our professionally trained crew can pick up your cargo from any collection point and bring them safely to our storage units for storage. We offer delivery service within our service area. Don’t rent a vehicle to move your own furniture. Blue peter can do it for you at low cost.

Car storage:

Do you want to store you family vehicle or that extra car for short term or long term storage? We have the solution with inside and outside parking. We have technicians to regularly perform maintenance checks. We can arrange pickup and delivery of your vehicle from you work or residence. We maintain entire vehicle records.

Boat storage:

Whether it's your weekend toy or your passion, we have boat storage solutions large enough to store your boat, trailer and your gear. If you don’t have a large indoor facility for dry boat storage or the extra outdoor space to accommodate a boat and/or its trailer, you need an indoor or outdoor boat storage facility you can trust. We have designed our storage facilities to best accommodate the needs of boat owners. Our boat storage facilities are ideal for long-term winter boat storage, or simply for a resting place between lake outings.

RV Storage:

Let Blue Peter simplify your RV storage needs. We offer RV parking spaces to fit your family's vacation home! Few people have extra-large indoor RV storage facilities to accommodate such large vehicles, and many owners have security concerns about traditional RV storage solutions. Blue peter understands the needs of RV owners and has designed our storage facilities across the country to accommodate them.

Motorcycle, Jet- Ski and ATV Storage:

Make room in your garage for those things you use each day... like your car? Store motorcycles, jet-skis, and ATV's seasonally or all year long with Blue Peter’s great rates.

If you don’t have a motorcycle storage garage at home, our motorcycle storage provides the extra vehicle storage space you need.