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“World economic crisis was at the peak in the year 2008.The days were real tests for us as a new born company. With over ten thousand successful international moves, we are about to reach yet another mile stone. Nearing 10 glorious years in business!! . A million thanks to our customers for making us stronger and stronger- CEO”

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Piano Moving

Our professional movers will ensure your piano gets from Point A to Point B without leaving a scratch on your black and white keys or your home’s doors. Using moving blankets for padding, shrink wrap and packing tape for security, we’ll make sure your piano arrives safely in one piece, set-up and ready for the piano tuner to come so you can play Beethoven “Fur Elise” or a fabulous Franz Liszt – “Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.”

Blue Peter wants you to know is that we understand that pianos are expensive delicate and can have immeasurable sentimental value. We treat each piano move with the utmost care and respect, to ensure that the piano and your property remain fully protected at all times. Whether it's a foot pedal organ or Grand piano, we will wrap, load and place your piano where you need it.  

It is also important that you clear a path before we arrive. Whether we are moving a piano into its new home, or moving it in or out as part of a local or long distance move, having a clear path through rooms and hallways for our specialized piano board and 4-wheel dolly’s will help your piano move proceed more quickly and efficiently.

Moving Piano

Due to the size, weight, and delicate nature of this instrument, having the right tools for the job is essential when it comes to piano moving. Our team comes armed with the necessary equipment to manage every aspect of the move. We use specialized piano tools to disassemble the instrument, then wrap all pieces with moving blankets, securing them in place with movers’ wrap so they stay protected. Our crew also makes use of piano dollies and skid boards to ensure safe transit to and from the moving truck and container. This equipment also helps protect your floors from scrapes and skid marks. Once the instrument is loaded, we also secure it to prevent shifting while in transit. Our choice in high-quality moving tools keeps your beloved instrument safe and in top condition throughout the move.

Moving Antiques

Your antiques are safe in our expert hands. We proved time and time again that we have the skill set required to safely protect your delicate and cherished objects. We protect your treasures separately before we move them out of your home and place them securely in our moving trucks. We’ve literally moved everything from Picassos to one-of-a-kind irreplaceable items, rest assured we have the necessary amount of experience to store and move your antiques. 

Moving Art Work

Art is irreplaceable. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. We know that no amount of money can replace your child’s first drawing, life-size portraits or your collection of Degas. Fine masterpieces are hard to come by and they deserve the best care. When using our services, we’ll pack flat pieces in our specialized artwork boxes and use state-of-the-art customized crating for pieces that belong outside the box. It’s why we have done it all. We’ve literally moved most famous paintings MONO LISA by Leonardo Vinci and Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.