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Interstate Move Services

Interstate move in the UAE means moves between the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The mode of conveyance for interstate or inter emirate moves in the UAE is by road. Majority of the inter emirate moves are executed in a single day. However big move over a trailer load of household might take two days or three days to complete.

Interstate moves in India are moving from one state to the other. This kind of moves in most of the cases will take several days or weeks depending up on the move distance. Moving within a state can take days to complete.

The mode of conveyance for interstate moves in India is by road or rail. It can be a combination of both as well. We have excellent service network among the Indian states and professional moving associates at receiving ends who can complete the move hassle free. 

Special relocation rates are available for metro moves. Metro moves are generally relocation between metro cities in India. This includes Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai & Chennai.