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Diplomatic Move

Diplomats move often. This means that many of our customers are repeat customers. Diplomats are high-maintenance customers. They know their own world very well, have already moved dozens of times and know exactly what they should expect. Diplomatic moves often involve a combination of ocean freight, air freight and a car that also has to be imported from another country. Diplomats are exempted from import duties on new cars, so they take them with them when they move. Every country still has specific rules in that regard; some prohibit the import of cars that run on diesel.

Our men are well trained and familiar with the procedures and are fully aware of the level of security required to handle valuable embassy/ diplomatic cargo. The diplomatic luggage usually consists of various belongings, so the experts from Blue peter sort it by type and then pack it in a way that allows it to be safely forwarded to its destination. The experience of Blue Peter’s member companies allows them to sort, pack and safely transport diplomatic luggage to any destination worldwide.

United Nation’s registered Supplier:

Blue Peter is a registered supplier of the United Nations. Providing service and support in the fields of

    • Transport and Storage and Mail service
    • Mail and Cargo Transport
    • Navigation Service
    • Terminal Service
    • Vessel Docking Service
    • Freight Forwarders Service
    • Customs Brokerage Service
    • Freight Including insurance service 
    • Loading Terminal Facility Management
    • Aerodrome or airport or aviation facility operations service