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Industrial Packaging

Packing and loading of machineries, out of size cargo, Medical Equipment, Scanners etc is not everybody’s job. 
Industrial packaging is used to package a product during or after the manufacturing process. This is usually, but not always, done at the production site and requires specifically customized industrial packaging solutions tailored to the product in question.
Tailor-made industrial packaging is only as good as the materials it uses. As industrial goods are often either heavy, bulky, sensitive to external contact or hazardous, industrial packaging materials include:

* Stainless steel

* Corrugated containerboard, paperboard and fiberboard

* Wood, for e.g. plywood, OSB and QSB boards, durelis boards (solid and skeleton wooden crates, wooden skids)

* Plastic (bottles & containers; heavy-duty shrink-wrap)

Packaging for the industrial sector has many different implications than its consumer packaging counterparts. For one, the quality of the packaging material must be much greater in most cases, as it protects products that are potentially more valuable and sensitive. Another aspect is the choice of packaging material must be much greater, as there are many more needs and factors to consider.

At Blue Peter, we have a wide portfolio of industrial packaging products, spanning several different types of materials and covering each of the major industrial transport modes. offering includes the following, among several others..