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About Us

Founded in 2008 Blue Peter has grown to be one of the best local and long distance moving companies in India. With the whole hearted support of our loyal customers and counterparts Blue Peter now has presence in the UAE and US as well.
Right Way is managed by professionals with vast experience in the field of Shipping and Logistics. We have so far handled thousands of long distance moves across the world.
International relocation of household goods is our core business. We are specialized in Car shipping and pet relocation services. Well connected with trusted moving companies around the world we can cater all your relocation needs to and from any world destinations.
When shipping cost becomes constrain compared to the actual cost of your goods Blue Peter can be your best option to make the move happen.
Our move consultants are ready to answer all your moving related queries. This will help you well prepared for your upcoming move. Movers from Blue PeterLines are professionally trained in moving and handling of Pianos, Water beds, Safes and other heavy household items. Our movers are well trained in personal hygiene and etiquettes. 
Safety is our top priority during all operations. Your valuable cargo is protected with insurance. We listen to your needs and will tailor our servicing to meet your requirements. Our customers are our family, which is why so many people choose to use Blue Peter for their moving services needs.

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Moving Tips

You need to do your homework if you planning an international move. What your requirements are going to be will depend on the country where you are going to relocate. Every country has specific requirements that involve the shipment of furniture, pets, vehicle and even your own personal documentation.
Our estimates detail not only our moving services, but also include an inventory of items you want moved. Before our moving agents arrive at your home to provide an estimate, determine what items need to be moved and what will be discarded. Moving Costs are based on the total volume (Measured in cubic feet) or weight of your personal belongings. There are different methods of shipping. Most Common: LCL (Less than container load) where your goods will be shipped in a consolidated container. FCL(Full Container Load) 20 FT. OR 40 FT. "Sole Use" Container.


Plan Ahead

• Make your reservations for movers two to four weeks before your move day.

• Booking flights and inns.

• Start collecting living information of relocation destination

• Reminder to rental house owner or agent.

• Give moving notice.

• Determination of moving date (collection date)

• Sort your items for storage, shipping, freight, packing.

• Separate valuable items; passports, airline tickets, keys.

• Notify charities of unwanted goods

• Let's sort out what you pack up yourself and what you leave it to the moving company.

• For large appliances be sure to check your owner’s manuals to see if there are special instructions for moving.

• Packing is a time-consuming task. Let's start with enough margins.

• Pack a box of essential items that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it’s the   last thing added to the truck.

• Let's take a work space for each room and pack it there.

• Let's start with something you do not mind even if you pack it quickly.

• Let's write your name and destination and the name of the room in the box. Let's put small objects together in a box.

• By law, a moving company can’t transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammables, ammunition and explosives.

• Discard dangerous goods not suitable for transport; paint, pesticides, gas cylinders, etc

• Remove batteries from cassettes, radio, clocks.

• Schedule disconnects times for about a week before your move day -- you don’t want to have to pay for cable, phone and utilities when you aren’t even there!

• Cancel newspapers, cable, pest control, cleaning help, lawn services about a week before the move.

• The day before your move, defrost the fridge.

• Take time to say goodbye to friends and neighbors before your busy move day.

Good or bad of packaging greatly affects the success of moving.

Don’t try to get rid of your children’s favorite things before the move – even if it makes it easier. Kids sometimes have a hard time dealing with the change of the move itself.Children because of differences in age or life experience will view moving home differently.

Infants will be least affected as long as their normal routine is not disrupted greatly.

Pre-school Children can pose a real problem. Their sense of identity relies on you the parents, the family routine. When they see their toys being packed away and their bed being dismantled and their parent’s attention being diverted to moving they begin to worry, one of their greatest fears is being left behind. Prior to moving day let them help, let them pack and take along their favorite toy. Having familiar things around is a great comfort for youngsters.

Primary School Age children have a more highly developed sense of identity since their world extends beyond the family circle. Their developing sense of discovery may make the idea of moving exciting to them. While they will be leaving friends, unlike older siblings, new friends are readily made.

Teenagers place a lot of importance on deep and vital friendships. The teenager of course usually has enough problems even in the most stable of environments. Talk to them openly and frankly, help them track down organizations and groups in the new area that are involved in activities that interest them. Encourage them to bring new friends to your new home, even if the house is not as presentable as you may like.

Move Day

Call your moving company as soon as you wake up to make sure the movers are on time.
Don’t throw away cold drinks, leave them for the movers.
Take all your personal items before the movers arrive
Before the driver leaves your premises with your container, make sure to acquire the driver’s signature as proof that the driver has picked your container. Record the container and seal for your records.
Depending upon the country you are moving to, you will need some or all of the following documents in order to clear customs:

• Passport
• Immigrant Certificate
• Detailed packing list with value of contents
• Receipts for appliances and new furniture
• Tenancy contract or title for new house
• Proper proof of tax exemption, it entitled
• Bill of lading


NOTE - Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. Please contact your local embassy or consulate.