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Founded in 2008 Blue Peter has grown to be one of the best local and long distance moving companies in India. With the whole hearted support of our loyal customers and counterparts Blue Peter now has presence in the UAE and US as well.
Right Way is managed by professionals with vast experience in the field of Shipping and Logistics. We have so far handled thousands of long distance moves across the world.
International relocation of household goods is our core business. We are specialized in Car shipping and pet relocation services. Well connected with trusted moving companies around the world we can cater all your relocation needs to and from any world destinations.
When shipping cost becomes constrain compared to the actual cost of your goods Blue Peter can be your best option to make the move happen.
Our move consultants are ready to answer all your moving related queries. This will help you well prepared for your upcoming move. Movers from Blue PeterLines are professionally trained in moving and handling of Pianos, Water beds, Safes and other heavy household items. Our movers are well trained in personal hygiene and etiquettes. 
Safety is our top priority during all operations. Your valuable cargo is protected with insurance. We listen to your needs and will tailor our servicing to meet your requirements. Our customers are our family, which is why so many people choose to use Blue Peter for their moving services needs.

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Moving Checklist

From choosing your moving company to settling into your new home, the following Moving Planner Checklist guides you to make sure nothing is overlooked and everything goes smoothly. Starting early is helpful and Blue Peter makes the whole process easier. However, if you started late, don't worry, we have provided many resources here to help you get through it quickly.

Six Weeks Before Your Move

* Create a "Moving Planner Folder" file using an organizer folder with pockets to keep track of all your moving details and collect your receipts for moving-related expenses.

* Start to use up things you can't move, such as frozen foods and cleaning supplies.

* If you're moving at an employer's request, verify your moving budget and your responsibilities.

* Make a list with three columns: items to leave behind, items for moving company to move, and items you'll move by yourself. For each item you are not going to take with you, decide whether you'll sell it, give it away to charity, or otherwise dispose of it before your move.

* Make a list of everyone you need to notify about your move: friends, professionals, creditors, subscriptions, etc.

* Locate all motor vehicle registration and licensing documents.

* If you will need to store some of your belongings, make the necessary arrangements now with Blue Peter

* Collect all your personal records (school, medical, legal, and accounting). Ask for referrals where possible.


Two Weeks Before Your Move

* Contact your Moving Consultant to review and confirm all arrangements for your move.

* If you're doing your own packing, Start Packing. Label the contents of all boxes and pack carefully. Box essential items together and write "Open First/Load Last" on these boxes. When you move into your new home, you'll be able to easily identify these boxes and find essential items. It's a good idea to let Blue Peter pack any fragile and valuable items. Blue Peter has proven methods for keeping your items safe.

* Arrange special transportation for your pets.

* Arrange to disconnect all utilities (gas, electric, oil, water, telephone, cable TV, and trash collection).

* Plan a garage sale to sell unneeded items or arrange to donate them to charity.

* If necessary make travel arrangements and reservations for your moving trip.

* Collect important papers (insurance, will, deeds, stock, etc.)

* Make sure to notify your Moving Consultant if you add items to, or subtract items from, your planned household goods shipment or if there are any changes in the dates of your move.


One Week Before Your Move

* Check back through your Moving Planner Checklist to make sure you haven't overlooked anything.

* Prepare specific directions to your destination for your moving company. Make sure your Moving Consultant knows the phone numbers where you can be reached until you get into your new home.  

* Defrost your freezer and refrigerator. Block doors open so they can't accidentally close on pets or children.

* Have your major appliances disconnected and prepared for the move. (Again, Blue Petercleaning service can provide these services.)

* Prepare a "Trip Kit" for moving day. This kit should contain the things you'll need while your belongings are in transit. Make sure to load your Trip Kit into your car to avoid it being loaded into the van by mistake.

* Pack a box of personal items that will include all your jewelry and small valuables. Take this box with you.

* Contact your Moving Consultant to confirm arrival time of the removalist as well as to notify them of any last minute details.

* Make arrangements to pay for your move and ensure you have sufficient cash assets in the bank for emergencies.


Moving Day

* Make sure that someone is at home to welcome your movers and answer any questions. 

* It's important that an adult be authorized to take your place if you are unable to be present at any time while the movers are there. Let your Moving Consultant know to whom you have given this authority. Be sure that your chosen representative knows exactly what to do. Remember - this person may be asked to sign documents obligating you to charges.

* Place all suitcases and essential items (passports) you need in one specified place so they are not loaded in the removal truck or container.

* Carry all valuables and important papers with you

* Ensure children and pets are safe and out of harm's way

* Do a final walk through with removalists

* They’ve worked hard for you all day, so tip your movers.

* Before the movers leave, sign the inventory list and keep a copy.